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The Stranger Essay Words | 4 Pages. The Stranger The Stranger exhibits a society that has confined itself with a specific set of social standards that dictate the manner in which people are supposed to act. This ideology determines the level of morality, and how much emphasis should placed on following this certain "ethical" structure. Albert Camus' The Stranger What if the past has no meaning and the only point in time of our life that really matters is that point which is happening at present. To make matters worse, when life is over, the existence is also over; the hope of some sort of salvation from a God is pointless. Albert. Nov 23,  · Grafton Tanner discusses 'Stranger Things,' retromania and the role of commodities in the nostalgia industry, from Taylor Swift to Donald Trump. Accompanying image by Jeremy Simmons. Post-Recession American culture suffers from a particular strain of retro-baiting, the kind that recycles the clichés of bygone films, television, and music in order to present a reductionist version.

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It is and you are transitioning to your first real bra. It is a skinny, unimpressive thing and so are you.

You and your best friend push bikes down the creek path that only you and your best friend know about. Be Fri St End. An owl above hoots what sounds like a word for an impossible invention. You lob your bike through a chain link hole and pause, listening.

At home, dinner is almost ready. Your brother is on the front porch, sulking. Your older sister is the sun and the skin-colored telephone cord is a system of constellations revolving around her. Your older sister is Winona Ryder. Blacked-out eyes and milk-colored joints. The first movie you essays on the stranger saw in a theater was E.

The first movie your best friend ever saw in a theater was E. The first movie he ever essays on the stranger in a theater was E. Video games are a dot eating a dot. Religion is the talk on a cereal box.

Horror is friendly; you save it a place at dinner. Horror has a shape and a name and a location. Its shape is shark, its name is Stephen King, its location is the lake at night.

A turned ankle. What was that? Everyone is what-was-that -ing and wearing thick sweaters and forgetting one another after eighth grade. River Phoenix is unfairly alive; he burns through film and singes the parts of you that are hidden by your first real bra. His skin soft as loose leaf. His voice makes your cassette mix unspool syrup-colored ribbon. You wind it back with a Dixon Ticonderoga, the color of his hair. Your older sister plays an older sister in a movie.

Googlehoots the owl. Your friends get scattered among area high schools. But why would anyone want that? Inyour boyfriend expires on a sidewalk in front of an elite night club, essays on the stranger. Wind it back. When you ask for your first number, you shake your hair the same way. Your older sister plays a essays on the stranger graduate new to workaday.

In she gets caught shoplifting in a West Coast Nordstrom. Only rich girls steal, your coworker says, stabbing her desired time into the work microwave. She was only ever that, then: a rich girl, bored and troubled.

Turns out everyone knew that path near the creek. You are pre-internet. Everyone there is worthless.

You wear a complicated bra underneath your office casual. Horror no longer has a shape. You no longer know its name. It has performed mitosis a billion times. Your older sister plays a has-been in a movie. Millennial hot takeessays on the stranger, hoots the owl, essays on the stranger. What is the word for the light in your childhood at dusk? For the dragonflies making beery circles over your handlebars?

You miss it the way your mother misses JFK, the way your grandma missed dropped waists and how poverty forced families to gather. At least we were together, she said. What is the internet? When post-internet heathers who think they invented drug use and being awful try your identity on like clothes, you tell the mirror: I know who the fuck I am. Your grandma says, The only people embarrassed to age are the young. Your older sister plays a mother in a new television show.

I miss you, you tell the screen. Nostalgia winds back and deepens. You are still in the park that day Amadeo over-kissed you behind a cheap gazebo the city brought in for ambience. You are always pushing that cruddy birthday-cake-colored bike toward home where dinner is always almost ready, brother on the front porch pouting, dad tinned in essays on the stranger oven, mother coated, essays on the stranger, sister winding, every roof tilted toward the sky praying for extraterrestrials.

This is for the girls who love River Phoenix. Who nurses the baby away from the party. Whose jealousy essays on the stranger like an outage map. Who watched her best friend walk off with her first husband.

Who cuts her heart on that sad, old city. Who kept the cancer secret from the kid. Who work and work and work. Who kissed that boy in the park where once a kidnapped girl was held by a homeless punk crack addict. You wanna go see the cave where she scratched out her name? Internet, essays on the stranger, an owl hoots as you push your bike down the famous creek path.


The Stranger Essays - Words | Bartleby


essays on the stranger


This Is an Essay About Stranger Things (for the Girls Who Love River Phoenix) (IAIA) in Santa Fe, and is an Editor at Large for Catapult. In Fall she will be the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Fellow in Cork, Ireland. For more information, please visit: + Mariehelenebertino. In Albert Camus’s “The Stranger”, the absurdity of life from Camus’s eyes are put on display through the main character Meursault. The sense that the meaning of life is in the human experiences and that things shouldn’t be questioned is the basis of who Meursault truly is as a person. The Stranger By Albert Camus Essay - Albert Camus, born in was a mastermind in writing French literature. He influenced the minds of a great deal of people by giving the world significant literature including books as The Stranger, The Plague, The Myth of Sisyphus, A happy death and many more.